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Genius Menu is an highly flexible expand list plugin for jQuery.
The Expand style is inspired from MaxOSX Dock Genius Effect.

Click on View Demo to look at effect, flexibility and code.

Features :
- Auto orientation of expand
- Highly Customizable
- Easily draggable with jQueryUI
- Browser support ( IE > 5.5??, FireFox, Safari, Opera )

6 commentaires

  • vipul Said:


    I check it menu its working fine in chrome but not working in firefox.


    27 mars 2014 07:33

  • Neil Smithline Said:

    Love the Genius Menu. Simple and way cool.


    PS: For Demo 1, the text reads "To test the Dock Menu Feature, look at the top left corner of this page." but should be "top right".

    16 avril 2012 17:59

  • y8xgames Said:

    Thanks for giving me the useful information. I think I need it. Keep up your work. Thank you

    16 mars 2011 04:33

  • Srini Said:

    I have tried it using IE 7. It does not work.

    6 mars 2011 22:03

  • Guillaume DE LA RUE Said:

    Yeah Max, you're right.

    I used 'e.srcElement' to detect wich element is clicked and under firefox, we have to use 'e.originalTarget'.

    So now, it's : var srcTarget = e.originalTarget || e.srcElement ;

    Pb solved and version increased to v1.1.

    Thks Max.

    7 juin 2010 15:40

  • Max Said:

    Doesn't seem to be working under Firefox.

    4 juin 2010 20:38